Wildlife in a Sacred place

January 2013

Wildlife in a Sacred place
We are creating a wildlife area in a section of the old grave yard below the church.
There will be;

  • A variety of different nesting/roosting boxes for birds, owls and bats
  • Plants to encourage various insects including bees and butterflies
  • Habitat for our friendly hedgehogs
  • Refuges for lichens to prosper and multiply, along with wild mushrooms and toadstools
  • The ground is slowly being prepared for planting in September with wild grass and flower seeds. Some small shrubs will also be planted in this area. It is a slow process but the end result should be worth waiting for. Another smaller area is being prepared and some wild plants have already been planted.

    Two bird boxes have been put in place, one of which has been occupied by blue tits. An owl box and an insect box are also up and waiting to be occupied – hopefully next year.
    There is a family of rabbits happily living in the undergrowth, along with a family of black birds.