If you were unable to attend a service or would like to review or re-read one of the recent Sermons then we will be placing them in Adobe PDF format (which most everyone can access with little fuss) here on this page.

The following list is arranged with the most recent at the bottom. If you would like to read the Sermon straight away then simply click the appropriate link. If you would like to save a sermon to read later then right-click on a link and choose Save Link as.. then save it somewhere you can easily find it later.


Sermon Series on Discipleship

9: Amos 7:7
10: Mark 6:30-34, 53-56
11: Trinity 11
12: Luke 1:39-55; (Revd. David Marshall)
13: Christmas Eve (Revd. Helen Marshall)
14: Feast of St John, Apostle and Evangelist (Canon Michael Webb)


01: Epiphany: Matthew 2:1-12:(Revd David Marshall)
02: Freedom in Christ Galations 5,(Revd. Helen Marshall)
03: Festival of St Thomas (Revd. David Marshall)


01: The Naming and Circumcision of Jesus(Canon Michael Webb)
02: Transfiguration: Matthew 17:1-9 (Revd. David Marshall)
03: Trinity 4(Canon Michael Webb)


01: Evangelical Essentials – The Holy Spirit (Canon Michael Webb)
02:Looking Not to Ourselves, but to God 2 Corinthians 4v 5-12, Mark 2 v 23-36 (Rev. Helen Marshall)
03:Dare to be different (Canon Michael Webb)
04:A Forgiving community, James 2 v 8-17; Matthew 18 v21-35 (Rev. Helen Marshall)
05:Good News/Bad News Mark 8.27-to end(Revd. David Williams)
06:All Saints Day (Canon Michael Webb)
07:Christ the King (Susan Leighton)
08:Advent 4 Sunday before Christmas. Luke 1.39-55;The Visit of Mary to Elizabeth(Revd.David Williams)
09:Epiphany 2 The Baptism of Christ. Do you baptise goldfish?(Revd.David Williams)
010:Start of Lent(Canon Michael Webb)
011:Third Sunday of Lent on the East Window(Revd.David Williams)
012:Passion Sunday (Canon Michael Webb)
013:”Two Thousand Volt Bob” & “Doubting Thomas”(Revd.David Williams)