Remembrance Sunday Poppy Patterns


 Pattern for a Knitted Poppy

Using No 9 needles (3.75mm) and RED double knitting yarn

Cast on 70 stitches

Knit 6 rows (or 8 if tight knitter) in garter stitch

Change to BLACK yarn

Next row: *sl 1, knit 2 tog, psso. Repeat from * across row

Next 2 rows: knit 2 tog across row

Cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches and pull up to form poppy.

Stitch side seams together.

If possible, leave a 3” or 4” tail of excess yarn at centre back of poppy to aid attachment.


Alternatively a black bobble may be made for the centre, in which case knit the whole poppy in red.


To create a centre bobble

75mm) and BLACK double knitting yarn

Cast on 4 stitches

1st row: knit into front and back of each stitch across the row

Next 3 rows: knit in garter stitch

Last row: knit 2 tog across row

Cut yarn and thread through stitches to create bobble

Attach bobble to centre of poppy.


Pattern for Crocheted Poppy

Using 3.50mm crochet hook and BLACK yarn

Attach yarn to hook with a slip knot. Make 4 chain and join with a sl st to form a circle (or start with Magic Circle)

Round 1: 3 ch (counts as first treble), 11 trebles into the ring. Join with sl st to the 3rd ch. 12 trebles.

Fasten off black.

Round 2: Using RED yarn join into the top of any treble from round 1. Chain 3 (first treble), into same space as ch 3 work 3 trebles,

*work 4 trebles into each stitch* around and join with a sl st. (48 trebles).

Round 3: Ch 3 and **work 2 trebles into next stitch. Repeat from ** to end of round and join with sl st. Fasten off and darn in all ends.


There is a designated box at the back on church to receive completed poppies or they may be left at Needles & Pins, Lower Main Street, or ‘phone (017687) 73334 for collection.


This is an ambitious project and we would appreciate as much help as possible, so please mention it to family and friends and pass on through your Facebook page.

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