Our Outreach programme thrives on building community and frienships. We have details here of the Keswick Community Housing Trust, St Herbert’s School.

Keswick Community Housing Trust

The Trust have secured a suitable plot of land from Keswick St John who have generously agreed to make it available at a price which will enable the genuine affordability of the houses. It is in the centre of town and KCHT have obtained planning permission to build eleven three-bedroom properties, totally in keeping with the surrounding properties and they hope to make them as environmentally friendly as possible.
If you require any information regarding affordable housing in Keswick more details on their website.

KCHT, Registered Office
21 Stanger Street
CA12 5JU

St. Herbert’s Church of England Aided Nursery and Primary School.

St Herberts School
Our church school is one of the largest primary schools in Cumbria and serves the whole of the town of Keswick and the surrounding area. Our school is justifiably proud of its Christian ethos (which the last Ofsted commented on as excellent). The children are nurtured in a kind and considerate environment. They are taught the main tenets of the Faith. Our new head teacher (Mrs Shelagh Hughes) is totally committed to the Christian principles which underpin the education of our children. The Vicar visits the school weekly and he with two regular members of our congregation (Mrs Christine White and Mrs Rachel Frampton) are Foundation Governors. The school regularly visits St. John’s for services and educational talks. Children’s work is displayed in the Church.

Please visit our school website.

For more information please contact;
Mrs Shelagh C. Hughes
Trinity Way
CA12 4HZ
Tel: 017687 73017
Email: adminstherberts@keswick.cumbria.sch.uk

St. Herbert’s Church of England Aided Nursery and Primary School.

St Herberts SchoolResponding to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s call to support credit unions.

Keswick St John has wholeheartedly endorsed the Archbishop of Canterbury’s call for churches to become actively involved with the credit union movement to give more people access to affordable loans by providing a real alternative to the unscrupulous activities of doorstep and payday money lenders. He also encourages churches to pay as much attention to cheque books as to hymn books as a fundamental part of our witness and service to all God’s people. Keswick St John is enthusiastically mobilising to meet this challenge head-on.

It started with the launch of a branch of Allerdale Credit Union in Keswick on 14th November 2013 when our P.C.C. deposited £15,000 of reserves with the credit union to help build its capacity. Volunteers from our congregation regularly attend the weekly sessions which are held each Thursday from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. in the Crosthwaite parish room, Keswick. The team of volunteers (made up mostly of members from Churches Together in Keswick) has worked hard to raise the profile of the credit union within the local community. After one year of operation over £60,000 of deposits has been taken and £10,000 of loans made.

The first anniversary of the credit union in Keswick was celebrated by the opening of a junior savers’ scheme at St Herbert’s Church School in Keswick. This has been enthusiastically received by the children and staff alike. Volunteers from St John’s attend the weekly sessions to collect the deposits from the children and eventually it is hoped to involve the older children with this task.

Allerdale Credit Union is available online at www.allerdalecreditunion.org. If you are outside the area you can find a credit union near you by visiting www.findyourcreditunion.co.uk.

The Archbishop of Canterbury supports credit unions as part of a more ethical banking system. You may visit www.churchofengland.org/creditunions for more information and updates.