Here at St John’s we are keen to maintain the Graveyard and, where possible, improve it not only for our visitors but for the wildlife as well.

Churchyards are very special places and are protected and regulated by law. The rules associated with them are sometimes felt to be more restrictive than those for municipal cemeteries. The Carlisle Diocese have published a set of guideline that summarises some of these rules. Click here or use the link in the right section to download them in Adobe PDF format which should be accessible on any computer.

Sir Hugh Walpole

Hugh Walpole died in 1941 of a heart attack at Brackenburn, aged 57. He is buried in St John churchyard in Keswick. It is marked by a Celtic cross, at the corner of the terrace on the west side of the church. Read more..

Churchyard Working Party

Churchyard  Working Party
Churchyard ‘to keep it that way’.
A group of volunteers meets on the first Saturday of the month from 9 – 12 to do maintenance work under the leadership of Penny Duttson.

You are most welcome to join us. Jobs can be found for all ages and abilities.

Tools and coffee provided.

Wildlife in a Sacred Place

Wildlife in a sacred place.

We are creating a wildlife area in a section of the old graveyard below the church. There will be a variety of different nesting and roosting boxes including those for owls and bats; plants to encourage various insects including bees and butterflies, and habitat for our friendly hedgehogs; as well as refuges for lichens to prosper and multiply, along with wild mushrooms and toadstools.