Celtic Saints

The Church in North Cumbria and St. John’s.

Canon Richard Watson window “A major influences on the churches in northern Cumbria is the heritage of the Celtic saints. Christianity in these parts has a very ‘Celtic’ feel to it. The influence of Iona and St. Columba extends to Cumbria through saints like Kentigern and “our” own Saint Herbert. St. Herbert’s Island is within both the parish boundaries of St. John’s and our neighbour Crosthwaite. The early Celtic church placed great emphasis on creation, and care and reverence for the natural world. It also emphasised peace and the importance of pilgrimage. If you look around St. John’s you will detect the Celtic influence: wall paintings of the Celtic saints and a window dedicated to a former vicar, Canon Richard Watson, who died whilst leading a parish pilgrimage to Iona. His window depicts Saint Herbert’s Island.

Banner depicting the young St HerbertThe renowned sculptress Josefina de Vasconcellas gave to St John’s the banner depicting the young Saint Herbert casting his net upon the waters of Derwentwater.